Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Twolf asked for a picture of Crofton and I having fun while we were away. After downloading my pics, I realized that the ones I wanted to post were on my Mum's camera. So these will have to do. Click on any to enlarge. Here's a picture of Crofton on the ferry driving a car.

And one of the two of us in a restaurant. Eating is fun for me. I hope that counts.

There's a pic of my Mum and Dad too

and one of my sister Julia and her girls and Crofton and I in Starbucks after a long day of shopping...

I was in Linens N Things with my parents when they were here for the weekend. I had to go to the bathroom (a favorite pastime for pregnant women). So I wandered around aimlessly looking for a sign until I just finally had to ask someone. Turns out I had even passed it twice (never said I was perseptive). ANYWAY, the first stall I went into had pee all over the seat. So I went into the next one. The first thing I do when I'm in a public bathroom (which is a lot) is look for the disposable toilet seat liners. If they don't have those, I line the seat with TP. If I'm in a hurry, I hover. But...I will ALWAYS ALWAYS wipe the seat before I leave if I sprinkle when I tinkle. Which really isn't that often. I don't find it much of a challenge to get a tiny stream of urine into a hole the size of a watermelon. So as I'm sitting there, someone comes in, goes into the stall with the pee on the seat. I wait to hear the TP roll spin first. She IS going to wipe it right? I mean, it was ALL over the seat. Not just a few drops either. What do I hear? ZZZZZIP...then the sound of material rustling as she pulls down her pants and then I realize...she just sat on someone elses urine! A LOT of someone elses urine. I'm in shock. I think I actually started to sweat. The next thing I hear is a flush, the stall door opens and then the bathroom door opens and closes. She's gone. She didn't even wash her hands. I start thinking, I wonder who it was. I wish I had looked under the stall and checked out the shoes. I could have tracked her down and offered her some instant hand sanitizer that I keep in my diaper bag. Then I thought, maybe it was a cashier and she will be the one handing me back change, so maybe it's better I didn't know. (Yes, those are my feet in the exact bathroom, beside the exact stall where this appalling ordeal took place)