Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween?????

It seems that the term "Happy Halloween" is wrong. It's supposed to be this spooky day with witches and ghooles and tricks. I think the expression should be Horrid Halloween or something like that. So in honor of all things HORRID, here is a video clip. This guy gives me the willies like almost nothing else. He can do all these creepy tricks because he is the Antichrist. I'm sure of it. Right now he is in the phase where he is just gaining our trust and admiration. But I see through him. His eyes are too hypnotic. He creeps me out. He is the Devil. Watch this... The Antichrist in action.

I'm just working on downloading the pics from while I was away. I'll try and post something else later during Crofton's nap or tonight while he's sleeping... Here's a photo to tide you over and to give you an idea of how BUSY it is when I go down to visit my sister. She has twin girls and all 3 kids are very mobile! We were trying to shop in this pic. (click on pic to enlarge)