Wednesday, November 30, 2005


TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!! Why you ask? Well today was the day I got my parcel from Mel (the queen of all bloggers)!! I was so excited I could hardly cope!! I decided I would make this a group experience and open it with you all, as if you were here, in my kitchen. (As usual on my blog, click to enlarge any photo. I am uploading them small in the hopes that it takes less time for you to get access to my blog.) On my way home I took the utmost care that it was safe. I wanted no harm to come to this box. I could hardly wait till I got home to open it. But I'm weird like that and wanted to let the anticipation build even more.

I got home and Gonzo had a good sniff.

Crofton checked
it out too, but then decided it would be better to squish Gonzo, so off he went.

'S IN THE BOX???????

100 grand bars!! Sweet Cherry Pie! My favorite! We can't get them in Canada. I asked for some and I got LOTS!

A snow globe of Long Beach...very cool! I will keep it by my computer and give it
a good shake now and then!

S!!! I laughed out loud at the one about the idiots. If you can't read it click to enlarge it. I sent Mel a magnet similar to the one on top which is neat.

An Oscar Mayer W
eener Whistle!! For real! I was sooo excited about this! I will now give out "toots" to people when I find something really funny or smart.

Jamwall has his cowbell, I will have my Oscar Mayer Weener Whistle! (Jamwall...forget the drums. THIS is what I will play in our band ok?) Btw, please ignore my gross skin right now. I know. I'm a zit-monster.

Don't go anywhere....there is still MORE! I'm serious! This is the best box I have ever been sent in my life! T-Shirts!

And even one for Crofton!! He liked it! He got down and rolled around with it for a bit before I tried it on him. I guess he wanted to get aquainted with it first! Or maybe he too wanted the anticipation to build too!

Here he is happily wearing it and posing for you.

Jinx got in on the action too!

What is it? what is it?

Awe Jinx...He se
nt me a lock of his hair!

Women used to sen
d locks of their hair to the men they loved. This was probably supposed to be a really sweet gesture on his part, and it was, but it made me laugh hard!
I immediately brought it over to Gonzo so he could sniff it and get aquainted with Jinx. First he sniffed it.

Then he burst out into fits of laughter.

He thinks Jinx has quite the sence of humor. He's still giggling. All I have to do is point to the card of hair and he starts grinning.

Mel, just saying thank you seems inadequate. That was the most awesome box full of surprises and fun. You will be the first person I send out an official TOOT to. So here you go mel, this toots for you. From the bottom of my heart, I TOOT you!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!