Thursday, November 03, 2005

As usual, Click to enlarge.

We are having a crazzzzzy storm today. I keep losing my internet connection. Here's some photos.

Trust me, I don't have a tree growing near or on my back porch. (and that's my neighbours delapitaed shed)

We also don't have a tree growing out of our front porch.

That is our garbage can blowing down the street.

These trees are probably 150 feet tall. They are right by my house and when you are looking up at them they feel like they are bending in half. This picture does it no justice.

Do you think it's time to rake? This is our tenants job as they get the back yard. But they are both away, so now the job has been passed down to Rob. I'm sure he'll be really excited about it when he sees the carpet of leaves..

A beautiful maple leaf for you

Gonzo not giving a flying fat pig about the storm.