Saturday, November 12, 2005

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Last Night Rob and I went out for Chineese Food. Rob thinks wontons look like brains. I think they look like testicles.

Mmmm. Testicles in broth. My fav.

Rob eating deep fried spiders.

Is there something on my face?

So after Chineese food, we went to the Casino with $20.00 each and within 7 minutes we had both doubled our money. Rob wanted to go. I felt greedy, so we stayed and lost it all. We aren't big gamblers. Remember, we're cheap. BUT, I thought it would be fun to play the numbers on the back of our fortunes that came in the fortune cookies after dinner. We were going to play a game or two of pool at the 6 Mile Pub. They have Keno there, so we played our fortune numbers...

Rob won $50.00!

Made up for my greediness at the casino. We had a fun night. We played pool with two lesbians who were getting really drunk. One kept saying "Fugly" and laughing her head off when her shot was bad. The other one was more harsh and was critiquing all our shots. After 45 minutes it was getting annoying, (Hey "lady", back off with your advice! It's a stupid game that I suck at ok?) and I was, as usual, so tired I was barely hanging on. So we went home. It was a fun night. I am really liking this going out thing! But I feel weird calling it freedom because we are paying for it. it's not free at all. Aparently you can put a price on freedom. $5.00 an hour to be presise.

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