Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I love VW's..... it's not a crime.

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OK, so kind of a lame post today. I need to get the photos off my camera, cuz I have a lot of pics to post about of the random craziness I see. So today, I'm just going through some older ones As I only have a few minutes.

OK, so some people had a hard time picturing exactly what I meant about this bizzar object i found on my car. In all seriouslness, really, does anyone know what this is?????

This is a purse I saw downtown Victoria. Yes, that's right. The cast of Friends. Looking a little on the cozy side if you ask me. Who loved the show SOOOOO much that you would dish out over a hundred bucks for this thing????

I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but when Mel (LBSeahag) came to visit me, we were blessed with a special guest appearance from none other than the Devil himself. Sweet hey? I'm just saying we have some serious bragging rights ok?

A sweet ass van I saw in Kelowna. In my spare time I drive around and take pictures of other peoples pride and joy...not just mine. If you or someone you know has a VW you'd like to show me, I'd love to see it! You can email pics to me at chersrobs@hotmail.com Oh, ya, and if you click on this and make it bigger, you will see our not-so sweet ass camper van in the background.