Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I love VW's..... it's not a crime.

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OK, so kind of a lame post today. I need to get the photos off my camera, cuz I have a lot of pics to post about of the random craziness I see. So today, I'm just going through some older ones As I only have a few minutes.

OK, so some people had a hard time picturing exactly what I meant about this bizzar object i found on my car. In all seriouslness, really, does anyone know what this is?????

This is a purse I saw downtown Victoria. Yes, that's right. The cast of Friends. Looking a little on the cozy side if you ask me. Who loved the show SOOOOO much that you would dish out over a hundred bucks for this thing????

I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but when Mel (LBSeahag) came to visit me, we were blessed with a special guest appearance from none other than the Devil himself. Sweet hey? I'm just saying we have some serious bragging rights ok?

A sweet ass van I saw in Kelowna. In my spare time I drive around and take pictures of other peoples pride and joy...not just mine. If you or someone you know has a VW you'd like to show me, I'd love to see it! You can email pics to me at chersrobs@hotmail.com Oh, ya, and if you click on this and make it bigger, you will see our not-so sweet ass camper van in the background.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Life is good in my garage

OK, so apparently it's hot that I have a car that I'm working on, but not hot to have greasy fingernails.

Thought you all may be wondering how I'm doing on my VW. Well, I have the engine out and almost all of it torn apart. I am completely surprised at how much I understand already and I'm having a blast.

Learn from my mistakes. BEFORE... I repeat..... BEFORE you remove an engine from a car, drain the flippin' oil!!!!

OK, Seriously. Why was this penis on my motor? Can anyone explain this to me?

When I look in the manual, it says nothing under penis, peter, cock, butt plug, shlong, ding a ling... Nothing.

Please help me. At this point I am convinced it is just along for the ride.

Oh ya, and I chopped my hair.

Friday, October 06, 2006

OK you flippin' leaches, shut the hell up. Here's your stupid post alright?

Awe, I'm just kidding! I am so sorry for not posting in ages. Especially for those of you who were actually addicted to my blog. For that I feel the most guilt. All the pain and suffering I have caused.

As you know, I did indeed meet Mel and we had a blast. The visit was far too short. I can't wait to hang out with her again. She is just as funny as I thought, but I have to say she is nicer in person,
which I was a little dissapointed with. I don't like always having to be the mean one you know? Bad cop gets boring after awhile.

So what's new with me you ask? My friend flat ironed my hair and I obsessively brushed it all day. It was so smooth. It was very preoccupying

Rob and I bought a camper van and did lots of camping this summer with the kids. It was awesome! The boys were great.

Here's a picture of my not-so-little baby Everett. He's such a delight. We are so truly blessed!

And here is a night vision photo of Crofton and
Everett sleeping away in the top part of the van.

They were so good on the trip that it allowed Rob and I to drink a lot in the evenings....LOL....So that was fun.

Everett weighs over 22 lbs and he's not even 7 months now. He's huge. I mean massive. I think my hip will forever be out of alignment.

Come on now....is he the cutest or what?

Here's proof that not only Mel exists, but Gonzo too. Unfortunately Mel didn't take Gonzo with her. He is still here paw-stretching away. In this photo Mel is actually being proposed to by Gonzo. I was surprised she said no. I think it just really caught her off guard.

A cool tree we saw on a hike while camping.

This is also a picture of Rob before his vesectomy. He's still a man, I keep telling him.

ok, now check out the rolls on this kid. And this isn't even the most recent of pictures.

He never stops smiling. I swear.

Now THIS is my newest project. This poor 1966 VW Custom squareback (Variant)was just rotting in someones yard. I picked it up for $400 and plan on restoring it as a Winter project. I'll keep you posted on how I am making out with it.

In this house we are VW lovers. It's pathetic actually.We bought a Westfalia on the same day as this car, that we desperately want to keep, but it is for sale because we want to make some money off of it. The people who sold it just wanted to get rid of it, so we got it cheap! Sweet hey?

Well that's it for today folks. Hope you all still come by my blog now and then!! Let me know you stopped by ok?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hey everyone!! Remember me?????

Here's a picture of the clueless parents of "one" enjoying a cup of coffee out of the house about 4 days before labour....

Who's in the closet???


Goofing around.

Me in labour at the hospital just after I arrived there. Went into labour Tuesday around 6PM, 24 hours later, I went to the hospital. I stayed at home until I couldn't stand it anymore.

And before I even knew what was happening, I went into serious hard core labour and had Everett Hugh Sherwood at 10:43 PM Wednesday, March 15th. I pushed for less than 10 minutes! Compare that to the over 2 hours of pushing with Crofton, and I can safely say that I kicked labours ass.

Our little family.

My new little bundle of joy. He is such a good baby!! Loving him is easy!!

I finally got to go home on Friday! I couldn't wait to be in my own bed!

At home in my bed. We spent the first few days cuddling. It was really lovely.

So folks, I do appologize for my lack of blogging, but as you can see, I've been a little busy. We also sold our house and bought a new one and are moving in on Friday March 31st. I can't wait!!!!

I hope you all still remember me and check in from time to time. Thanks for all the emails and concern about where I've been. It is nice to be missed!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ok, you can't make this kind of thing up folks....

Fla. Man Kills Roommate Over Toilet Paper

Tue Feb 21, 6:18 AM ET

MOSS BLUFF, Fla. - A man accused of fatally beating his roommate with a sledgehammer and a claw hammer because there was no toilet paper in their home has been arrested.

Franklin Paul Crow, 56, was charged Monday with homicide in the death of Kenneth Matthews, 58, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Capt. Thomas Bibb said Crow initially denied his involvement, but confessed during questioning.

Crow told investigators that the men were fighting about the toilet paper over the weekend when Matthews pulled out a rifle. Crow said he then began beating Matthews with the sledgehammer and claw hammer, according to an affidavit.

Matthews was beaten so badly he had to be identified through his fingerprints, detectives said.

Crow was being held at the Marion County jail without bond. It was not immediately known whether he had an attorney.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Feel free to skip this ....This week, your baby weighs a little over 4 pounds and is approximately 17.2 inches long. He's rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his bones are hardening. His skull, however, will stay soft until after birth, to make it easier to squeeze through the birth canal. You may be waddling a bit now, as your baby fills out even more of your belly.
As promised...belly shots.
Although they aren't much better because I had to take them myself. Sorry they are so blurry, but at least you get an idea how big and uncomfortable I am these days!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


What a great Valentine's Day I had, considering Rob wasn't here! I came home and there were these two packages on my front porch!!!!!!! I could hardly wait to open them!! They were from Cupcake and Big Mama. I can't believe how unbelievably sweet these two woman are! Here is Crofton dying to get into the boxes. I hadn't even gotten his coat off yet and he was trying to tear into them!

This is a letter from Cupcake

This is me sampling one of her homemade cookies!

Look at all these goodies!!! The toffee squares were soooo good! Unfortunately, the box took weeks and weeks to get here, and most of it wasn't exactly fresh, but being pregnant, I managed to eat some of it anyway. I can tell they would have been sooo good when they were just baked!!
Thanks again Cupcake!!

Click on Photo to enlarge

And now for Big Mama's box!! I just about fell over when I saw all the stuff in it! It was FULL of all kinds of goodies!!

I absolutlely died laughing when I saw this! This may be one of the most thoughtful and creative things anyone has ever given me!!

Here's a better look at it. "Founding member of Window Lickers Anonymous" Shear brilliance!!

Of course she didn't forget the one in my belly...so here's a T-shirt for him too!! It says "Future member of Window Lickers Anonymous" All pre-shrunk and ready to go!!! Isn't that the best?

I ended up opening these up anyway, even though I swore to myself I wouldn't because by now I have already eaten a ton, but I just had to try them. And let me tell you.... They are delicious!!! I had to eventually back away from them.

How cool was this? I hand these out to homeless people, but here in Canada they are called Rockets... This could really confuse a few of the homeless people, but I think I will keep them for myself!

Lots of my favorite chocolate bars that you can't get in Canada!! Which rocked because I had just eaten the last one from Mel last week.

And then there were these Key Lime Cookies. (Which I am actually munching away on right now) They are just absolutely imposible to walk away from, let me tell you. When I got up to pee last night I had to go get one. Which ended up actually turning into 3.

Now last, but certainly NOT least...a T-shirt from Georgia!!! Like I said, i was completely blown away by my Valentine's Day boxes. Even though both Cupcake and Big Mama were upset that they took so long, I honestly don't thin they could have come on a better day!! Thank you sooo much you two!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

That's right, I rock.....

I JUST SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm soooo proud of myself! I've done soooo much while Rob has been
away, it's kinda silly! I'm so happy! I got more than I thought we would too! Our house was only on the market for 6 days!! How great is that? I was going to do a whole bunch of stuff tomorrow, but I think I should take the day off and have a play day with my son. How great does that sound? Hope you are all doing great! Rob comes home in 12 days! I can't wait!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

WOW! 2 posts today! it's your lucky day!!

People have been asking how I'm feeling. I've been really tired and feeling really huge and uncomfortable. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going though. Thank you all for your concern...I'm ok, just bagged. It's nice to be missed and not forgotten though! here's a shot from today as I am house hunting. Not a very good one. i will get a better one. I promise!

In other news, Crofton started walking yesterday. He is still pretty unstable, but he's doing great! Look how big he is!!!

this is a brilliant idea. click to enlarge to read sign.

Nothing like subliminal advertising right in the product lable. I didn't give in though. I stayed strong. I didn't drink it.