Tuesday, September 16, 2008

At the request of my fake baby's daddy, TA DA!! A shiny new post...

ha. sea monkeys. I had those. Remember them? From the back of comics back in 'the day'? I was cleaning out their jar one day, and my dad pulled the plug out on the sink and I was absolutely devistated. He told me they would be happier in our septic than in a jar, and I believed him and grieved less than I would have. What an important role dad's play. Especially in the lives of their sad daughter mourning the loss of brine shrimp that she was convinced did indeed dance to music when she played it for them.

He also told me when he dies he wanted to be burried on a golf course with his head above ground so he could still watch golf. As a 7 year old, I pictured visiting my dad on a golf course, not really dead, but very much alive and talking to his head above ground. Wow. Haven't thought about that in YEARS.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Photojojo Newsletters make my mornings.

If you don't already subscribe to this newsletter, I suggest you do before I kill you. Oops! Did I say Kill you? No, no... not kill you, more like just be reconfirmed in the knowledge that you are all a bunch of retards.

So here is an email I wrote them (Them being Photojojo! ).

cher sherwood wrote:
OK, you guys crack me up.
I mean really crack me up.
I think I am falling in love with your newsletter. I keep thinking about it and checking my email for a new one... hoping... will it have emailed me? I feel like a school girl. So, I've been thinking about possibly asking it out on a date. Do you think it would say yes? Where would we go? What would we do? When is it too soon to introduce it to my friends and family? I thought about putting a link to it on my blog but I'm kinda nervous because what if that's like hooking it up with a speed dating deal and someone else scoops it up right out from my clutches? Or what if it just says no?
I guess I should back up a little and just find out if your newsletter is single.

I hope this brought a chuckle to your day there at the office like you do here to me at home :) Keep up the great work guys

Their response....

Our newsletter is blushing and shuffling its feet and looking at the ground a lot, 'cause it likes you too. We asked. Well, actually, we got our friend to ask 'cause we were too shy, so she passed it a note, and it likes you. So, you know, there's a dance in the auditorium on Friday, so maybe it'll see you there. And stuff. You know, if you don't already have a date. Or whatever.
p.s. your email totally made my day!

So here's the link to this super awesome newsletter that is filled with tons of photo ideas. I recommend dropping them a line and letting them know you enjoy it. But whatever you do, don't cramp my style alright? If you could appear ugly even or fat in your email, it would increase my chances of a real date.

Monday, September 01, 2008



And man...what a RUSH!

I surprised myself at my lack of panic and my clear-headedness as I talked myself into climbing out of the plane and actually letting my hands go. The 5 second free fall while my shoot released was intense to say the least! For those few seconds, I felt panic start to rise, but when the shoot released, it was over and down I floated!

It was absolutely incredible. I can't wait to go again!