Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Suggestion Box....

Ok people. I want to rename my blog. Only my friend Tanya gets what it means and it's only funny to us. So I am taking suggestions....

I also need suggestions for baby names. If we are having a girl, we are hooped. We have no girl names picked out at all. Please help!

Look at this belly that has popped out of nowhere! Crazy hey? They baby moves all the time now. It's a neat feeling.

Pretty soon this growing baby inside my belly will be this big before I know it. It feels like yesterday he was 10 lbs. He's almost 1 already. I just can't believe it. He turns 1 on Dec 7th.

This seemed funny to me. Rob went into a store while I waited in the car. After staring at the door he went in for 5 minutes, waiting for him to come back out, I glace at the vehicle next to me and noticed this dog...who is doing the same thing! LOL!