Tuesday, November 22, 2005

dreaming of donuts...ahhh, sweet sweet donuts.

I posted a couple new photos on Panhandlers Gone Wild this morning. Check them out. And check out the beach front property that Mel spotted 2 posts ago too! It's classic!

So I'll go for long periods of time without remembering one dream. But not lately. Lately my dreams have been crazy. The other thing is, I never ever dream about celebrities. That is, until recently. Lately I've dreamed about Paris Hilton (she was trying desperately to be my friend and I was using her for make up tips LOL!), Brad Pitt (he was just a friend of mine and called me on the phone to talk at 3AM and I got irritated and hung up!! haha), and in another one I was hiking with Johnny Depp and his wife and was deathly afraid of the woods, for some reason, that they were insisting we trek through... Anyway, as strange as that has been for me, the really weird dreams I've been having end up always being about me being either back in highschool, or the age I am now and still in highschool. And hanging out with people from my life now in my highschool. It's really starting to freak me out. Then last night it hits me. I think I have the explanation. Not for the celebrity thing, that's still boggling, but the highschool thing. Since I started blogging, at least a couple times a week I pick up my dictionary to look up a word or two because for some reason my spell check doesn't work on my blog. Anyway, the only dictionary I have is my dictionary from highschool. I remember spending a whole English period jotting down the side of it where each letter was. Then I also started thinking I wonder if they still spell things the same way as they did back in this 1989 edition of the Merriam-Webster. I find it ironic that it says NEW on the cover... But not only do they spell things the same, I must be missing out on all kinds of new words.I also keep dreaming about donuts. Desperately wanting to eat them...normally the ones at my highschool cafeteria...but for one reason or another, always being denied. The really strange part is I keep craving this huge pink donut with pink icing. In my dreams they look soooo good. And I never get one. they are always spoken for or the person just keeps saying NO! What's up with that? A couple weeks ago I ate 3 donuts in a row just to see if that would kill the cravings in my dream, but nope. I still want them in their big plump pink splendor.