Monday, November 28, 2005

Rudolf with your nose so bright, won't you slay Richard Simmonds tonight?

OK, you all remember Richard Simmonds being kidnapped and locked up in this house by Rob's work right? (If not, click here...)Well, I drove by it the other day to see if Dick was still there, or if someone had freed him, and what do I see? He's not only still there, he has a friend. Now we can laugh and call them both names. How convienent that they are both in the same spot. Who wants to come with me and play gay reindeer games right in front of them and not let them join in?
These are some other pictures of that house. Aparently it's a replica of Anne Hathaway's cottage and is open during the summer. I promise you I will go take a tour and take lots of pictures and even try and free Richard if it's true and you can go in. It's kinda cool. Except for the creepy porcelain dolls. They scare me. I remember seeing a horror movie about porcelain dolls when I was a kid with my sister and we were so freaked out of them from then on. She used to collect them and then the next day she was scared of them and we weren't allowed to say anything nasty about them infront of them or about them in her room. She was too afraid to even keep them in the closet incase they got mad. Once in awhile I'd go into her room when she was there and look directly at them and say "She hates you. Especially you, ya that's right, you, with the teeth. She really hates you." Then she'd start crying and kick me out. lol!!