Saturday, November 26, 2005

More weird stuff by Rob's work

New post on Panhandlers Gone Wild from Mel.

I'm beginning to think that there is something very unnatural in the water by Rob's work. That is the only thing that can explain the weird stuff I see there. Rob told me about these two things near his work a bit ago, but yesterday I had the opportunity to scope them out.

First, he told me about a car that someone had completely covered in duct tape. He said it looked really cool at first, but then it started peeling and began to look like crap. So I guess he tore it all off. Here is what a car looks like after it's been covered in duct tape all summer and then peeled off....just incase you've always wondered.
Secondly, he told me about this planter someone has on a post in front of their house. Three guesses what it really is. Judging by how dead the plant looks, I'm scared to think what they used for fertilizer.