Friday, October 06, 2006

OK you flippin' leaches, shut the hell up. Here's your stupid post alright?

Awe, I'm just kidding! I am so sorry for not posting in ages. Especially for those of you who were actually addicted to my blog. For that I feel the most guilt. All the pain and suffering I have caused.

As you know, I did indeed meet Mel and we had a blast. The visit was far too short. I can't wait to hang out with her again. She is just as funny as I thought, but I have to say she is nicer in person,
which I was a little dissapointed with. I don't like always having to be the mean one you know? Bad cop gets boring after awhile.

So what's new with me you ask? My friend flat ironed my hair and I obsessively brushed it all day. It was so smooth. It was very preoccupying

Rob and I bought a camper van and did lots of camping this summer with the kids. It was awesome! The boys were great.

Here's a picture of my not-so-little baby Everett. He's such a delight. We are so truly blessed!

And here is a night vision photo of Crofton and
Everett sleeping away in the top part of the van.

They were so good on the trip that it allowed Rob and I to drink a lot in the evenings....LOL....So that was fun.

Everett weighs over 22 lbs and he's not even 7 months now. He's huge. I mean massive. I think my hip will forever be out of alignment.

Come on he the cutest or what?

Here's proof that not only Mel exists, but Gonzo too. Unfortunately Mel didn't take Gonzo with her. He is still here paw-stretching away. In this photo Mel is actually being proposed to by Gonzo. I was surprised she said no. I think it just really caught her off guard.

A cool tree we saw on a hike while camping.

This is also a picture of Rob before his vesectomy. He's still a man, I keep telling him.

ok, now check out the rolls on this kid. And this isn't even the most recent of pictures.

He never stops smiling. I swear.

Now THIS is my newest project. This poor 1966 VW Custom squareback (Variant)was just rotting in someones yard. I picked it up for $400 and plan on restoring it as a Winter project. I'll keep you posted on how I am making out with it.

In this house we are VW lovers. It's pathetic actually.We bought a Westfalia on the same day as this car, that we desperately want to keep, but it is for sale because we want to make some money off of it. The people who sold it just wanted to get rid of it, so we got it cheap! Sweet hey?

Well that's it for today folks. Hope you all still come by my blog now and then!! Let me know you stopped by ok?