Wednesday, November 30, 2005


There is a golf course near my house that has some pretty weird rules. Not the least of which is that you have to bring an extra pair of pants. Just incase you get a hole in one.

In other news, I wanted people to know that since I took the word verification off of my comments, I have yet to receive any spam. The first time I did it, I got spammed 3 times. So I put it back on. After
being sick and tired of having to do the word thingy even on my own blog, I eventually took it off again, wondering how bad can it really get? Well, I haven't had a problem yet. If I do get some random spam comment, I will just delete it. Simple. I am begging you, my fellow bloggers to please consider doing this too. Come on, admit it, you love not having to do it on my blog don't you? And guess what? Admitting it to me is soooo easy and uncomplicated! You don't have to scratch your head wondering if it's an M or an R and an N really close together. Is that an I or a J? Only to figure out a split second after you escaped out of the comments that you were wrong. Now it's too late and you already exited out and have to try and remember your whitty comment for a second time and then, oh ya, that's right, another pop quiz to stress over once you finally do. Sometimes they are like 12 letters long, I swear. And that only ever seems to happen when you are typing a small comment that isn't really worth the you may be like me and choose to abort the whole "operation comment" idea and just go to the next blog. Your presence undetected... your comment unappreciated...your will to live deflated ever so slightly.

Ok, so you get my point. Don't be scared. Everybody's doing it. They just say it will hurt you. Come on Baby, you know I love you.