Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Um, ya, did you get that memo?

You may have found it easier to get to my blog today. I did indeed take the invite only off in the hopes that certain douches have moved on and will no longer effect my PH levels. My next plan of action will be death threats. After that, I will take DG up on her offer of "taking care" of it for me.

So, now that things are feeling a little back to normal, lets get on with the madness shall we?

Here is something that people who work in an office where co-workers use their mug simply must get. It's a got to have item and a fail safe way to be sure you never get hepatitis.

It will, however, pretty much guarantee you to have unexplained penis breath from the inevitable rim jobs.
(I love how in the ad it says "This cup has a whole in it which prevents MOST people from using it.)

Monday, March 09, 2009

YAAAWN... stretch....scratch

I think you pretty much get the picture.
Why have I had such a hard time blogging?
I think it's because in real life I suck.