Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Life is good in my garage

OK, so apparently it's hot that I have a car that I'm working on, but not hot to have greasy fingernails.

Thought you all may be wondering how I'm doing on my VW. Well, I have the engine out and almost all of it torn apart. I am completely surprised at how much I understand already and I'm having a blast.

Learn from my mistakes. BEFORE... I repeat..... BEFORE you remove an engine from a car, drain the flippin' oil!!!!

OK, Seriously. Why was this penis on my motor? Can anyone explain this to me?

When I look in the manual, it says nothing under penis, peter, cock, butt plug, shlong, ding a ling... Nothing.

Please help me. At this point I am convinced it is just along for the ride.

Oh ya, and I chopped my hair.