Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Is there a support group for this habit?

I always have about 3 books on the go at once. This is what I have been reading. I just finished the Dean Koontz one yesterday. I always feel a sense of loss after finishing a book. Like you spend all this time getting to know the characters and then it's just over. I find myself slightly depressed when I realize it's the last page. I start feeling paniky because this relationship I've spent my valuable time creating is ending and I have no say in it. But I have to keep reading. I have to know how it ends. I need closure. No matter how much it hurts.The truely weird thing about my reading habit is that once I finish a book, I don't just merely move on to one of the others I've been reading and soley concentrate on it, finishing it and then move onto the last one, neatly wrapping things up. No, that would make my life far too simple and my brain entirely too clutter free. I have to find a replacement book for the one I just tossed aside...now no longer feeling the loss, so to speak, but rather a sense of urgency to fill this unbareable void. A rebound book if you will. I have normally chosen this next book already by the time I get down to the last 60 or 100 pages. Because Heaven forbid, I go on some kind of crazy reading binge that day and be left with no replacement.