Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's ok to miss me....

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Two posts today. For four reasons. First, I am leaving tomorrow to go down to the mainland for a couple days. I will be back on Friday. But my parents are coming back with me for the weekend, so I can't see getting much computer time. I'm sure I will suffer blog withdrawl and you'll all have forgotten about me by the time I get back.

SecondI have to show you
what Rob and I saw on the
back of this car the day
before he left. We saw this
car, and then of course,
we not only followed him,
we tailgated. I loved that
he had a lock on his license
plate. He finally stopped at
the liquor store and saw me
get out and take the close up
of h
is pad lock.
You just KNOWthat made

him nervous.

Thirdly, I actually did my hair the other day. I was becoming the ponytail queen. Then I wished I hadn't because you could sure notice my grey roots when it was down!! EEEW! Put it up! Put it up!!

And fourthly, becuase I
was playing around with
my digital camera and
wanted to show you how
much better the quality is!
I learned how to use the
timer and all kinds of fun features. I love it!!

Cut me some slack! I'm 4 months pregnant!!