Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yesterday Crofton and I went downtown to take pictures of panhandlers for LBSeahag's new blog called Panhandlers Gone Wild I handed out granolla bars and Rockets. We had a good time. I thought I hit the jack pot when I was driving home for the day and came across this group of people. Then I saw a sign on the fence that had the word education in it so I kinda guessed they weren't panhandlers. But the state of their affairs tells me they aren't teachers striking either. (This was just a guy walking by. He's not part of it. But he did have a better view than me) I couldn't read their sign so I rolled down my window and asked some guy standing behind the fence what they were protesting. He started yelling something at me, which I'll wish until my very last breath I'd heard, and then I kid you not, he mooned me! Not just mooned me, but bent over and smacked both cheeks with his hands. I took a picture of him, but because of the friggin' delay on digital cameras, I missed it. This is him pulling up his pants.

Just before that, when I was walking back from downtown to my car I came across these kids protesting the teachers strike. I know that's EXACTLY what I would have been doing if my teachers were striking when I was a kid. The thing that was funny to me was when I walked past them and looked back I realized that these signs were written on the backs of a Sugar Crisp, Froot Loops and Honey Combs box. My thought being that maybe if parents didn't send their kids to school all hopped up on sugared cereal, maybe the teachers wouldn't have such a hard time getting through to these kids (who can't concentrate because their sugar rush is wearing off and they are now tired and feeling angry) and not need more money.
At any rate, I also came across this freaky flying thing on the ceiling of a store I was walking past. I tried to take a better picture of it so you could see how truly freaky it is, but i wasn't tall enough.