Friday, October 14, 2005


So here's some pictures of my day out yesterday and some of the things I saw.

I went looking for some juice...went straight past the clam juice (after i took a picture...) do people really drink that?

I did find some blueberry and pommagrante juice which I did buy.

Then I came across a product called Klik. From what I can tell it's a Spam knock off. "DO WE REALLY NEED A SPAM KNOCK OFF" I asked myself? Apparently we do. And we also need it in "LITE".

Next I came across what is called the MR 2 BIG. Because I guess the regular mondo size Mr.Big just isn't quite big enough.

Near the till there was this sign. It made me laugh. I know that they mean Assorted , but I think something is lost in the translation here. Mind you, I did smell some of them and they were kinda sweet assed.

Then I was making my way up to the till behind this lady. She almost made my whole day. Here's a clue lady, people with red hair SHOULD NOT wear PURPLE....EVER!!!

So after this, I made my way to a thrift store. I was looking for books by Dean Koontz. The only two they had, I had already read, but I did see these bizarre things.

I thought about buying this sign and keeping it in my car and flashing it to people who don't know how to talk on the phone and drive at the same time.

A fruit hat. I figure whoever gave that away will be coming back for it with deep regret in their heart.

This completely creepy bunny that someone actually spent the time to knit. Gee, I wonder why it ended up here. Do you think this bunny has worked into that poor childs nightmares or what? It was in mine last night. Except he was filled with spiders not stuffing. I woke up sweating.

Anyone have any guesses what on earth this bag is for? I almost bought it. I still might.

And last but not least from this store...this rediculous scuplture that someone has lovingly hand painted. I know the pics are just really bad because I was taking them through the window (with my crappy $100 camera), but you get the idea.

This child he's holding looks dead

And why is that guy standing on that poor baby? The baby is crying and tears are running down it's face. It really freaked me out.

So then I'm heading back to my car and my arm is killing me from carrying my 25 pound child the whole time and my water bottle drops to the ground and rolls under this van. Completely in the middle of it. I wrote it off. I have like 50 of them.

I'm heading home finally to have a shower and rinse the muck and stench off of me from the thrift store and one of the houses on the street before mine has THIS sign in front of it. Nothing to explain it or what they want...just the sign. I'm convinced these people are going to hell.