Wednesday, October 12, 2005

can you say buzzzzzz???

Before I begin what was going to be my topic today, I think you should take a moment and look at what I found on the floor about 5 minutes after I got up this morning. I haven't seen a spider in the house since Rob was bitten. I thought maybe the problem had taken care of itself. Now this. Spring can't come fast enough. I need a new house stat. I also need a new digital camera so you can actually see how terrifying this spider really is.

So last night I say to Rob,"Why don't you just go to the hairdressers and get your hair cut because I just don't feel like doing it." I normally cut his hair. He dyes mine. It's a nice trade and we're cheap, so it works out all around. I have been feeling really crappy. First I had a virus that lasted way too long that turned into a cold that seems to LOVE me a little too much and won't leave, and then a couple days ago I had a wisdom tooth yanked out. And it's been killing me. Because I'm pregnant, I can't take anything more than tylenol and it sucks. I want drugs. Strong drugs. Gateway drugs. Anyway, Rob's reponse was something like "well if I go to the hairdressers I'll just get it shaved."

Like I said, we're cheap. The next thing I hear are the clippers.

For those of you who don't know, this is what he normally looks like.

He should have kept it like this.
I think he would have been kicked out of the military though...
So now this is what I have to look at. Just like when he went to bootcamp except he used a real blade then and actually shaved it smooth.

Here he is trying to look mean. Although he was trying not to laugh. He still doesn't look very mean.

I don't really care though. His body makes up for it. Besides, his hair grows so fast I'll be cutting it again in a few weeks. Hopefully then I'll feel like it.