Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hit the road Jack

Rob left for SanDiego this morning. He will be gone for about 8 or 9 days. He's driving a 5 ton truck there. I know he's a very good driver and I really shouldn't worry about him, but I can't help it. I worry. THAT'S what I do. And I do it well.

A couple weeks ago, I was on the highway heading home and who should be behind me? ROB! It was weird, but funny. I took a picture at a light. It didn't turn out very well because of the glare on the glass (and my crappy camera), but I'll post it so you can see anyway. You might be able to see his famous smile if you click on it and it's bigger. We got a new camera yesterday!! Yea!! I'm sooo excited. Today I will install the software for it and play with all my settings.

So it's just me and Crofton for awhile. I think we will go down to the mainland and visit my sister and her kids and my parents. Although I know what I should really do is stay home, clean my house and reply to, forward, and delete my emails. I have, and I'm not even slightly exaggerating here, 892 emails to go through. it now has become such a daunting task that I keep putting it off, making things worse, because I know that I will end up with knots in my shoulders and a massive headache.