Thursday, December 29, 2005

Whenever I feel sorry for myself because I am freezing, I guess I need to get a grip. We have it pretty good in BC. Pretty mild weather most of the time. I swear I will die of frost bite if we ever get posted back East where all Rob's relative's live. BRRRRR!Ok, so we're back. We got back late last night. We had a wonderful Christmas until the flu came to visit. Crofton is having a bit better day today, but he's still pretty sick. I read all your comments and laughed at lots of them! But there are too many to comment back on so, you will all just have to know that I did read and enjoy them. Yes, Mel, I agree, he has a GREAT ass....and that's not even a very good picture of it! Sideshow, I loved your ice shot molds and think the ice swizzle stick idea is fantastic! Jamwall, I'm sure if Richard had computer access and knew about your blog he would want to hold your hand too! And don't worry Duck, I'm back!

I missed you all, but enjoyed the blog break as well. I hope you all had a lovely holiday.

Thanks to everyone who entered my Christmas tree contest! I will go through it all in a bit and post the winners on the 1st of Jan. Don't forget that the contest is still open until Dec 30th at midnight! There is still time to email me your entry!