Thursday, December 15, 2005

tag, I'm it.

While checking out Phat's blog this morning, I remembered I was tagged yesterday from Frank the Tank. So here goes....5 random things about me.

1~Every year I plan on sending out Christmas cards and never do. Next year is the year. I can feel it!
2~I let my pierced ears grow over like 10 years ago and wish all the time that I hadn't but I'm too scared to poke anything through the over grown holes.
3~I have to try out any new flavor or brand of chips I see. Yesterday I came across T.G.I.Friday's Potato Skins chips (cheddar & bacon). I haven't tried them yet, I'm saving them for traveling on Friday. I also recently came across my new favorite from Kettle Chips. They are Honey Dijon and let me tell you...they are gooooooooood!
4~I can't sleep unless I have my sound therapy alarm clock on. I mix white noise and waterfalls together for a noise that successfully blocks out Rob's breathing (most nights). I bring it with me when I go to my parents too.
5~I love office supplies. I have since I was a little girl. My friend has a paper cutter at her office and I was so jealous when she called to tell me about it.

And now on with the next part of this tag. The passing of the tag... Because it's only 5 things, I really didn't mind this tag. It wasn't that hard. So here you go people.
I tag:
1~Big Mama