Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So the one question most of you got wrong was about where Rob got bitten by a spider. Yes indeedy. It was infact his balls. But, it was back in September and I was in like my first week or so of blogging, so lots of you weren't reading this yet. Don't feel bad. I thought you all did pretty good! If you want to read about it, here's the whole story. SPIDER BITTEN BALLS

When I told my Dad about it, he asked where Rob got bitten and in a moment of panic I said his Nutsack. If you know my Dad at all, this will truly crack you up. We never talk about balls or any kind of privates in my parents house at all. Never mind the slang terms for them! I was really embarrassed when that slipped out but pleasantly surprised when he laughed. HARD!

Looking back on the posts from September, i really feel like that was some of my better stuff. It all seems to have taken a nose dive since then. i seem to be running out of steam. I think I need more protein.