Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree. Oh Christmas Tree....

In the spirit of Christmas and the fact that all of your competitive streaks have surfaced due to all the contests out there lately, I am having a contest of my own. That's right. So get out your cameras and everyone go take a picture of your Christmas Tree. I will have a few catagories.
1~ Best Bachelor's Tree (we all know that the most beautiful will have been decorated by a woman, so I'm giving the single men a chance here)
2~ Most Beautiful
3~ Most Tacky
4~ Best child decorated effort or family effort
Email me your pictures of your trees at . Please be honest and only send me a picture of your tree. Well, if your sister-in-law just happens to have the tackiest tree you've ever seen, I will accept that entry, but I just mean no google searches ok? (And if you just happen to get a picture of your sister-in-laws tacky new shoulder tattoo in the photo, well, that just MAY gaurentee you a win!) People or animals can be in the photo. You can be creative, or you can just email the tree. Whatever you wish.
What's the prize? Well, I'm glad you've asked. "Bob, tell them what they can win will you?" **In best game show prize guy voice I can muster**..."Why certainly Cher! Each of you lovely contestants will be eligible to win one of these tasty treats!

Canadian Smarties!! That's right! I said Canadian Smarties!! Good luck to you all and MEEEERRY CHRISTMAS, EH???!!"

So to get the contest rolling, here is a picture of our Christmas tree. Trust me, It's prettier in person, so I will take that into consideration when I am making the final decisions.

Oh, and here is what Rob had to do for me to get the picture of our tree. We have it boxed in so Crofton can't get to it.

Good luck to you all!
Contest will close on December 30th, midnight. I know that's after Christmas, but I will be at my parents over the holidays and not too sure how much blogging I will be able to do. So I will announce the winners in the new year! Oh, and if you are like Phats and won't send me his address, then you can still enter! I can come up with some other kind of virtual prize!