Wednesday, December 07, 2005


EDIT>>>As another thought, does anyone think I should NOT change the name??

Ok, so as I said, I am narrowing down potential blog titles. There were so many good suggestions that like I said, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by my choices. So, without further adieu....These are the ones I like.

~Take a'll last longer (this seems extremely fitting, because I do have a photo centered kind of blog / life....I have a camera and I'm not afraid to use it!! LOL!)

~cherapalooza ( I love this not only because it is funny, but because Jamwall suggested it. And I love Jamwall)

~Window Lickers Anonymous (now this seems to have the majority's vote, but it won't really make sense to anyone if I change my avatar. But I could always post the picture of Crofton licking the window in my side bar.)

~Clog your Blog (it goes without saying that Mel, the queen of all bloggers, is brilliant.)

~Canadian Dynamite! (My friend Tanya went one step further with her suggestion of Canadian Dynamite. Not only is it a truly great movie, and I love it, so it's suiting, but she actually took the time to do a little photoshopping for me. Come've got to admit that's freakin' funny! Two TOOTS for Tanya!!!! TOOT TOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)