Friday, December 02, 2005

Help me help you...

As you may remember, I want to rename my blog and I asked for suggestions. And these are what people came up with...

~Clog your Blog
~the angry canadian
~my cherblogger
~british columbians gone wild
~spilled milk
~knowledge chering
~Coked Out Of My Mind
~Call Girl Emporium
~Armaedes' Mirror Site
~Croftons Crue!!!
~Tinfoil & Lint
~The Belly & The Beast
~The Mayor Of Port Hardy
~Random Pellets
~Holden's Momma
~Vitriolic Noodles
~Drop the Chalupa
~Take a'll last longer

I was going to say, all good suggestions, but that's simply not true! Some of them I just don't get, but that may just be me. I tend to not get things when I'm pregnant because this baby is sucking the funny right out of me, I swear.

So I am still open to suggestions, and then maybe I'll do a vote thing, since it seems like you all just can't get enough of the whole voting thing lately. Or, then again, maybe I won't.

So, your homework for this weekend is to really put your mind to it. Help me rename my blog!

I am going to my parents for the weekend because we are celebrating Crofton's first birthday!!! on Sunday. I can't believe he is almost 1 already. His birthday is officailly on the 7th, but we are doing the party thing on the 4th. This year has just flown by! Last year at this time I was looking down at my huge belly thinking "HOW ON EARTH AM I EVER GOING TO GET THIS OUT!!!!!"

Keep your blog name suggestions coming!!! Have a great weekend my peeps!