Saturday, September 22, 2007

I taste delicious!!

You have no Friends.
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Trust the internet to make you feel like a bigger loser at some rediculous hour. That little face slapper above is some part of my YouTube ..homepage?...maybe?... I don't know, but in order for you to see this funny clip I came across, I had to sign up. At almost 3 AM, being T-boned, I mean told, that I have no friends sucked. It actually really bummed me out. So, I played the clip again, and it cheered me up almost right away. So much so that I think I will go eat myself. So lets get down to business shall we? I don't have time to wait around. Seriously. Press play and turn your sound down when the screaming begins... just kidding. What? Don't you trust me? Really? Wow. That's hurtful people . Really, really hurtful (and by people, I mean you... my fan...yes you. .i'm totally talking to you).

Hope your weekend doesn't entail you chewing your own leg off. That would suck.