Monday, September 24, 2007

Cars on the brain.... its better than water I guess.

I just posted a little diddy on the AWESOME AMALGAMATION blog! Check it out HERE!! and leave a comment so we know you stopped by. And tell your friends, and send DUCK and email that you want to post something. I think this blog is very creative and deserves a lot more traffic. Be sure to read the very first post to get a feel for the blog and find out what its about!! And lets keep having FUN on it!!
Look at this little VW holding its own... This was in the parking lot at MaMiller's one day. I had to take a picture.
Now THIS is a sweet-assed ride dudes. Serious bragging rights here...
Ok, now this kinda made me actually WANT a smart car.


In other news, I am still the funniest person ALIIIIIIVE. And thinking about doing my own radio show. What do you, my fans think?