Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Aircools make me drool

If you are new to my blog, you will find out soon enough of my love of Volkswagen's.
This T-shirt was a b-day present from my brother. Made of hemp. Very cool in my opinion.

Some people read to their children cute little books on how to behave or how to brush their teeth. I, on the other hand, only allow my children access to anything VW. I just think it's really important that they learn as young as possible that the ONLY thing that matters in this crazy life is what car you drive, and if it is a Volkswagen or not.Here is a great photo of Everett being force fed the thought that the most excellent of all Volkswagen's is the 67 or older VW Bus. Rob loves that I spend $15/month on this magazine. I love the whole process that comes with buying it... going to the not so local, dingy, stuffy little magazine store... saying hello to the snotty "customer service" lady with a twist of sarcasm that she never gets because she's dumb and I'm not being nice, but she thinks I am... walking to the back of the store to the automotive section... and seeing the next months edition... all shiny and smooth and undog-eared yet... Seriously, talk about adrenaline!I also get this magazine delivered to my house every month. Not as exciting as the whole going to the store experience, but still quite a rush opening my mailbox and seeing something that is related to Volkswagen's with my name on it.

Here's a photo of a very cool custom bike indeed. For those of you that don't know, I started rebuilding a 66 Squareback (scroll down to the bottom of the post in the link to see a photo of my car) last year. Then Winter came and it got so cold in my garage that I couldn't stand it. So it got put on hold. Now as I realize as Summer is over, that I'm sad that I spent so much time on my porch instead of in my garage.

I need to be re motivated. I begged Rob for months for this car. It was just rotting in someones yard. (This can not end up like the sewing machine I needed or my life couldn't go on...that is now being neglected at my friend Alan's house.) Finally, Rob gave in, I started negotiations and picked it up for $400. It is a far cry from the bus I want to own one day, but a great start for my first project car. I have to get back at it. I remember pretty much where I was at. I just lack the motivation, as with almost everything in my life. But I woke up today and thought, if I put the thought out there in blogworld, people might hold me to it and start asking me again how I'm making out with it...and eventually the guilt will take such a hold of me, it will throw my lethargic ass down the stairs and into the garage.