Friday, September 30, 2005

Spilled milk and Invalid rings

My Oral B Sonic Care toothbrush died on me again mid brush. This puts me in a irritated mood and makes me resent my toothbrush. Like it's doing it to me on purpose just to make me mad. As if, I know. I never said I was logical.

This is Rob cleaning the kitchen floor yesterday. He took the day off because I was so sick and I stayed in bed most of the day. Our floors were gross. He scrubbed them on his hands and knees first and then with the mop. They were that bad. Then during dinner he spilled a whole glass of milk on his freshly mopped floors. I felt bad, but not bad enough not to laugh. And just watched as he cleaned that up too...

Crofton is watching the gayest kids show ever called Hi 5 that Rob burned for him. It has lots of bright colors and completely mind numbing songs. He is totally engrossed in it. If he still loves crap like this when he's older I may have to lock him in his room permanently.

When I was at the drug store the other day I came across this. It forced me to take a picture of it. I swear. It was like, "lady, if you don't take my picture I will inflate around your neck in the middle of the night and kill you". I just don't understand why they call it an invalid ring! Like if you have a hemeroid or something you are a complete INVALID?? If I ever needed one of these I would have to get Rob to buy it.