Monday, September 26, 2005

2 gallons of milk? yup that's what i require...

My breakfast everyday lately has consisted of two peices of toast. One with peanutbutter and jam, and one with cheese whiz. Pregnancy rears it's strange head again as I have never bought a jar of cheese whiz in my life...but now, i love it. Can't live without it. I even put a glob of it in my spaggetti the other night before I reheated it. This, I thought, was delicious. This is what my breakfast table looks like every morning, unless Rob makes eggs.

Right now, I have fresh vaccum lines in my carpet, 2 gallons of milk in the fridge, and enough formula for Crofton's bottles scooped for the week. THIS makes me retardedly happy!

Here's a great shot I swiped
from Lori's or Jen's blog of
Lori and Kori at the Matt
Good concert in Victoria on
the weekend. they said it
was awesome. I think it's
an awesome photo of them
having a great time!