Wednesday, September 21, 2005

LID DOWN...This I MUST remember

As you may or may not know, Crofton's new favorite pastime is playing in the toilet. This
morning he was in there for a few seconds when I realized that I forgot to flush! EEEEEW! Needless to say, we washed his hands! Being pregnant, it's kind of stupid to flush everytime because most of the time, even though it feels like I could pee a river, it's only a few drops. Anyway, I must remember to keep the lid down from now on!!

So a couple weeks ago, when my sisters kids were here, her daughter Kezia got hold of the phone and I'm pretty sure if she had pressed send she would have ordered pizza because she had dialed 222-2222. Well the other day Crofton got hold of the phone. I'm afraid to think of who he would have called because he dialed 666-6666!

The napping thing has been very successful today. He hasn't needed me to fall asleep
and both naps have been decent. Last night he went to sleep without crying and slept until after 7 this morning! Looks like we may have our great little sleeper back! Hopefully the damage of travelling to Ireland and then New Brunswick a few days later may be undone! Cross your fingers!

I swore I wasn't going to be one of those people that only ever talk about their kids on their blog...and what have I done? Talked abo
ut nothing but so far! I rememeber what it was like before I had a kid. I couldn't have cared less and I probably would never check this blog out again! So lets see what other mindless dribble I have thought about today....

I watched a movie called The Yes Men today. It was fantastic. It's a documentary, but worth the watch...

Don't you hate it when you are chatting with someone on msn and one of you have to go, so you say goodbye, get up, walk away and almost a minute passes when you hear "bleep". So you go back to the computer thinking they forgot to tell you something important and it's just them saying goodbye again with some kind of emoticon?
Anyway, I've got to go eat something. I'm hungry AGAIN!!