Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stolen laundry

I saw this on someones blog today and it made me laugh. The one on the left is what i'm talking about. It says "To the pathetic weirdo who stole my laundry: Watch your back." At first i thought it said "WASH your back" Which is what made me laugh. It was funnier that way. I can relate to this story personally because for awhile I thought a babysitter stole a pair of my panties and I was so tormented over the whole ordeal. But then they showed up...and even that was suspisious because they appeared back in my undie drawer after she house sat. Both Rob and I looked before. Me more than once...obviously, it was my undie drawer. I'm in there at least once a day. My msn name was "I think my babysitter stole my panties" and she had used my computer, so maybe she thought the jig was up and put them back...or maybe she found them in some strange spot i didn't look and she stuck them in my drawer. Regardless, the note about the stolen laundry made me laugh...

We heard our baby's heartbeat today! It took awhile for the Dr to find it, so that made us nervous, but eventually we did and there is nothing quite so reassuring!

The code word verifiaction thing can be annoying at times, I know. It feels like some pop quiz you're never prepared for. But it keeps spam off the page, so please just keep typing in what you see. I always get it out of the way first, that way if the letters are too hard to read, i can exit and get another one.

This photo is keeping me up at night.