Friday, February 01, 2008

trying to redeem myself

It's been brought to my attention that my last post may have harmed my image.

And I quote...cecile-"Thanks for showing us your sensitive side, but unfortunately, you have now shattered the "Tough as nails" persona I had built of you. Now I'm going to have to envision a new Cher, one with a soft and gentle side."

And from my friend Jerome in an email subjected "That was very sensitive of you" he says, " much so, I have to ask you who wrote your Jan 31st blog? Did you plagarize that from a Counselling 101 paper???" My friend Jerome will be gracing the pages of my blog soon. Very soon. I have a little something down in my drafts, but it needs work. We went to highschool together. I will be posting some of the mayhem we created.

So here I am, madly typing away...something...anything to send the last post a little farther down the page so people will recognize me and know they are on the right blog.