Tuesday, February 26, 2008

roll the bones

Have you ever spent an entire evening in the emergency waiting room? It's enough to send you over the proverbial edge.
You may or may not know how sick my kids have been this last year. but it's beyond ridiculous. They have been passing a virus back and forth for entirely too long. It just seems that they are never completely well. Once in a while, this virus takes up residence in my body too, which is nice. I don't like feeling excluded.
Aaaanyway, between Dr. visits and walk in clinics, I sometimes swing by "emerg" (as we regulars call it), you know, just for kicks. Well, to say that this was just about my worst nightmare come true is an understatement. You know that instant when you are totally freaked? Like right to your core freaked? Well, as if someone had a camera and actually managed to capture the exact moment when my heart slipped up into my throat.

I don't know what this skeleton had in mind exactly, but once I got my wits about me, I round housed him in the teeth and split.