Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I was at my friend Erin's the other day and we were completely glued to watching this show called Canada's Worst Driver (I think). Anyway, it was just insane at what was being pawned off to us as driving. It was hard to look away. I mean, who drags a 3 point turn out into a 22 point turn and hits 16 things doing it? As a really good driver, I feel completely justified exploiting this girl who actually lives in my town, Victoria BC. So, due to the fact that her over-applied make-upped ass was already exploiting its own self on TV, here is what Erin and I couldn't stop laughing about. And I mean seriously. Her driving was just crazy. But when she can't drive because she's applying make up and changing staletto heels, she stultified herself.

Erin and I both are convinced we have seen her before and plan on hunting her down for a hopeful impromptu interview on my blog.