Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm alive, just busy.

I'm having a hard time fitting in blogging lately. Please bare with me. Your patience is expected. I mean appreciated.
To answer your question BBC, No, that wasn't a paperclip for an ear piece. You can clearly see in the whole photo that it is just a regular paperclip I am using while out and about on an adventure with some friends I stole from my friend Mike. It was a challenge we had to see who could steal the most friends off of each others facebook accounts. I think there was about 7 photo albums in total of friends I stole from Mike and all the fun things we did behind his back. Needless to say, I won and he had to buy me wings. If you want to check out the photo albums, do a search for me Cher Sherwood on facebook. You will recognize my giant eye. I recommend you look at the albums in order if you do bother to check it out.

So, Inner Voices is threatening to post naked pictures of BBC if I don't post. And BBC, no offence, I'm sure you are just lovely naked, I just thought I'd be safe rather than sorry.

OK, so a Cher update. Some people are wondering what's going on with the house. No, I still don't have our house on the market. It's close though. But man being lazy sure gets in the way of doing stuff around here. We let the house go that we had an offer on, because when it came down to it, it just wasn't quite right. I am looking everyday, but we are leaning more towards something we can fix up and flip. My brother is willing to come, do the work, and split the profit. He is an amazingly talented and saught after builder, so we want to jump on this opportunity and use him for every last square inch of talent he has, to profit financially. I think it's really important to use family members as much as possible. It means you generally use your friends less. Besides, I choose my friends based on looks. So, as far as using them goes, they are really more of a pretty face deal.
In other news...