Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Random photos

I could kick myself for not looking inside this box. This is a bin in the military dr's building. I think it's called the M.R.I. Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of disasters there are preparations for in this bin, but I'm assuming it's actually only good for those 'minor disasters". (click on photo to enlarge)

Moving along, this is a restaurant called Christie's. They have the normal stuff you can buy at restaurants. You know, t-shirts, hats, pint glasses...

Upon closer inspection, what is this? Glasses? Neat. Do they have the restaurants name on them? NO. Are they sunglasses, so if you sit on the outside deck you can protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays? NO. They are normal everyday, over the counter reading glasses. Um, ya. OK then.

Lets continue to move along. How about this sweet-assed mullet spotting? I wish I could have gotten a pic from the front, but I had to go laugh my head off.
beauty hey?
Have a great day people.
Man I rule.