Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Sorry about my delay in response to your comments. The good news is I just finished whisking up a fresh, fluffy bowl of comments for you all. The better news is that I am a firm believer in answering you back AND (it just gets better with me, doesn't it?) if you left a comment, you didn't get ignored! If you took the time to write something, I feel you deserve a little attention. Which is actually way less than I want. I want a lot of attention.... but anyway, enough about you. Back to me. OK, I am indeed having a new contest. But on the advice of my fake, virtual, bastard baby's Daddy, it is going to be a two-part contest. I'm not going with his "suggestion" because of his undying fake love and support when he says things like "Watch it." rather than it's just a really great idea. is the 4-1-1-...the skinny... the low down...A.K.A. the rules.

The first assignment in this contest (that of course you will enter...hello? Me? Remember? MY contest??) is this. YOU have to decide the prize of the second part of the contest. ya dig? comprehendo? Send in your suggestion...or suggestionssss...of what you think the prize should be for the winner of the second part of the contest. Can you imagine? YOU may win the honor of deciding what the actual prize is for the second part of MY contest? Can you? Imagine? YOU??? Wow. That's big. And when all is said and done, you may just win your prize... Get it? Good. It's simple, yet brilliant. Not unlike the 'thinktank' behind the curtain of the idea.

So, what are you waiting for? What do you want to win?