Friday, November 09, 2007

If you're happy and you know it crap your pants.

Happy Friday everyone! That is particularly nice of me to say, seeing as I have no Friday's anymore. Everyday is a work day when you are a Mum.
Because I've been stuck somewhere in between whiny, me-climbing cling-ons and the land of Mudbutt for so long, I've decided to stop fighting. New plan: Give in and embrace insanity with open, loving arms(It might help you get a feel for my mental state if you know that I am hysterically laughing as I type. Not because it's funny, but because I am full on loony).
So, on with the show.... Today's post will be some random photos I've been meaning to show you all, my loyal little readers.
Rob took this photo for me. It bugs me how clear his phone photos come out compared to mine. At any rate, any sign that has the words "BOOB" and "caution" on it, is just pure comedy in my opinion.
Yesterday, Crofton actually did a little business on the potty. Now, before you get excited, you should know that he wasn't all that happy about being on the potty(even though he asks to sit on it all day long). While protesting his position on the thrown, he tooted, and that's when it happened... I couldn't have been prouder!! Everett was there the whole time cheering him on...ok, really he was just yelling for no reason other than he loves to hear himself at full volume...and climbing up my back, but whatever. It was still one less liquid poop I had to clean up.
How sweet assed is this hat? Seriously? F.Y.I.-you are cooler for knowing me because it is in my house.

I saw these novelty cups in a neat little over priced store where you can find things like hand made pottery, nutmeg body wash, magnetic pens, welcome mats that say "GO AWAY!", tacky jewelry, and other odd nick-knacks. My first thought when I see things like this is always "Cool. I want it." Then I remember that sometimes taking a picture is good enough and leave pleased that I saved $8.00 (plus applicable taxes).

I think this one speaks for itself.
Here's a photo of moi, just so you don't have withdrawal too badly. Don't let my smile fool you. I'm not really happy or approachable.