Monday, August 27, 2007

Why you should be glad I'm not your wife.

We have people over a lot lately it seems. I try and make people feel as comfortable as possible when they are at my house. I asked Rob if he thought people would think I was rude if I left this note in this basket in the bathroom. He said, and I quote..."Well, people will definately know that you wrote it and not me." Nice. I left it up and still put it out when anyone comes over. Ok, so that's maybe not the most convincing reason you wouldn't want to be my wife. Lets try the fact that I drink too much, have terrible writing and normally end up in a ditch. This note may seem cute and funny to you, but how many notes like this could you actually wake up to?"It is in THAT ditch. I KNOW it." hahaha. The retarded thing is there are about 24 ditches on your way to MaMiller's (my close enough to walk to cold beer and wine store). There is no THAT ditch. I actually don't even remember writing this note. I stood in my kitchen reading it laughing to myself as if I was reading it for the first time...picking ditch out of my hair. I later went for a walk to try and find my phone. What did I find? Not just my phone, but my wallet AND one of my shoes. Oh ya, nothing but class with me. For the record, I was fine in that ditch. If my friend hadn't threaten to go get Rob to come and get me, I may still be there.Ok folks. Admit it. Almost 9 years later, you'd be so sick of me. I am chronically tired, annoying, forgetful, self-absorbed, addicted to my computer lately, and fully aware of it.