Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life inside my mug

The other morning, a friend of mine said to me, "EEEW!!! Cher, I can't drink this! It's so gross! It doesn't even taste like coffee!!" Then, literally moments later, my other friend Mike, walks off of my porch and back inside and says to me as he puts his empty mug on my counter "That was, without a doubt, the BEST cup of homemade coffee I've ever had!" Go figure.
I like my coffee strong. More than strong really, rich, dark, nice head, black.
I want to taste coffee.

Not bitter, flavorless, thin, watery coffee served by retards (who for sure had to wear a helmet on the bus on their way to work and were hired to fill a quota) that leaves a nasty after taste in your mouth from not just the crappy service, but because the coffee itself has no heart.

I like espresso.

I like triple shots, short, long, easy water americanos (how weird is that to say? Of course MY coffee is an oximoron).

I will drink decaf.

I will occationally sip your flavored sissy coffee to remind myself how much better of a person I am than you. Oops. I mean to remind myself how much better coffee is when it's just left alone. I'm just not into dressing my coffee up and parading it around and around its mug like some child beauty contest entry.

Coffee... I love you.

I love you hot, I love you cold, I love you luke warm and even reheated. I just thought that since you are so dependable and make my day...every single day... you deserve a shout out.