Saturday, May 26, 2007

What's in the bag? Well I'm glad you asked. it's a ....
Picked this puppy up for $8.00.
Lets see if it works....
who should I try my new flobee on?

Well, Everett seemed pretty eager, so he went first. I won't post the pictures of him screaming his head off. I mean, he loved it.
It sucks as it cuts!!
or at least it sucks as you possibly rip the hair out by the roots. I don't know exactly because there's no way I'd ever try this on myself!

So, all in all, it did a really good job and there wasn't even 1 single hair that i needed to clean up. that was the best part. no, wait, i think listening to my kids scream in complete and utter terror was the best part.

I think the flowbee is the reason the expression "redneck" actually originated.

I will use it again. Definately.
Saw this truck on the road a couple days ago. You should be able to click on it to enlarge and read what this guy had on the back of his truck.

Ok, so this isn't a good example of a contest entry. But it was funny, and I thought I'd share. You may be wondering to yourself "what contest? Cher's having another contest?? how do I enter?". Well, just click on this Link: and go charge your batteries and dust off your lenses! Click click click...