Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to have a free babysitter.... AND ... A NEW CONTEST!! Wow!

My friends came over last week and we just needed sometime alone. I thought this was brilliant! Thank you Joey for burying my kids up to thier armpits in sand. You can come over and occupy them anytime!!! It's good that you do. (PS, thankyou Joey and Allan for the hugs yesterday. I think you know how needed they were.)

Oh, wait, I'll be back in a second. I think they might still be out there!

Well, that was a relief. They were still there and fine. REALLY happy to see me though!

It's been so long since I've had a contest, that I feel the time has come once again. This contest is a little something Rob and I do to occupy our time when we are driving... we try and find one of those real head turners when we are driving. You know when you see a car, and then you see the driver and you are like, Ferreal? THAT person is driving THAT?? It just doesn't fit. It's distracting. So, what do i do in cases like this? you guessed it... take a picture!!

So, here are the rules. It cannot be a computer generated photo (Although i will possibly have to have a seperate creativity prize if someone was to actually bother). Now I know you are all very observant people. I know that you have digital cameras, (well except Phats, but he's too busy sending me bribes to buy my funnybone.) *phats you may have to beg borrow or steal... or just get someone to take a picture of you in your car*
OK, so a photo like this won't cut it. this is just a funny bumpersticker. it was especially funny when the woman that got out of the car was about 83 years old. however, no shot of her... no go. doesn't count. you could be making it up. keep in mind i'm veeeery skeptical and have a professional lab downstairs where i will be authenticating the authenticity of each and every entry.

Here again, same thing. I'm taking the time to really stress this. although this was extremely funny to me that an old man got into this car, (you may remeber the inside of his car in a post from a couple days ago. It had the chain and pad lock on the steering wheel...) but, again, i wasn't quick enough. you've got to be quick if you want to win people. I suggest keeping your camera/phone on at all times because you just never know. Maybe pack some spare batteries, just incase.
Here's a tip-be prepared in parking lots too...although, you may want to be prepared with back up if you aren't as sneaky as i am when i am out and about around town taking pictures of people and exploiting them.

Now this is what I'm talking about. This is the money shot right here. Just doesn't suit it. AT all. GOTTA love the 10 and 2 action. It's the kind of car/driver distraction that makes me wonder if that light was really green or not and looking in my rearview mirror I normally breathe a sigh of relief because the car behind me went through it too. who know's. maybe they were distracted as well...

ok, so. Game on. winner gets an autographed picture of me, and added to my cell phone so you can recieve weird random text messages at all hours of the night. T.Leach, I thought this little side bonus of the text messages would really tweek your interest. you can have no idea what i'm talking about on your phone too! sweet action right there dude.

So email your enteries in to me at
by july 1 2007 by midnight my time. (if you don't know what time that is, then you are in the same boat as me)
Game on!
All welcome!

any facebook people out there that haven't sought me out yet? search for cher sherwood. i am there. having a lot of fun i might add. i've been busy trying to keep up with all my fanmail on top of blogging, but i'm just that good.