Thursday, May 17, 2007

Life IS good around a bonfire....even the next day the smell still lingers...

So right now it is 2:06 AM and I just spent all night outside in my back yard, around or near or stoking my firepit as I hung out and drank a few beers... I had a great night. ALONE. Thankyou phats and Stonelifter for keeping me company on msn ((and a big shout out to my peeps on face book ;) lately.)) Soooo why am I rambling like this you may ask? Oh ya, I know... because I was hanging out by myself. Which in itself, I have no problem with. I genuinely LOVE my own company.... well, I more specifically love my self almost exclusively. Life is good around me people. How about some of you come for a visit and keep an old and moldy, obssesive compulsive like me company once in awhile hey? Oh and wait till you see what I have in store for my backyard. I think it could be revolutionary.

But I must warn you, sitting on this kitchen chair and lifting heavy things is hard on my back. I wish blogger offered medical. Then maybe I could justify some massage therapy under bc medical or something.

Oh and before I forget, I got a new bed. Well, more than GOT a new bed really. More like imagined and made it happen kinda thing. What can I say? I'm a dooer. In fact, now I think I kind of have to redo my whole bedroom. I whittled it in my spare time. What do you think?