Friday, July 27, 2007

Fogged up clearity.

Cool picture hey? If I stole this from your blog, please don't sue me. Consider yourself lucky that I was on your blog at all.

I feel so spacey lately. All wound up. I am tired. I can't concentrate. Coffee is my best friend. Even cold.

Don't worry about me. Really. I am fine. I just feel stressed out. Stress, stress, stress. I know everyone has their own ways of dealing with stress. But lately, my old faithful coping mechanisms aren't nearly effective enough. I just can't relax.

So last night, I was really not feeling good and had to do something to get a grip on life. I decided to try a bath. Rob baths all the time. He suggests me having one all the time. It all just seems like a lot of work to me. But, feeling strung out sucks more than feeling lazy. So I decided to give it a shot. I made it really hot. Almost unbearably hot. Popped in a movie and laid there. It doesn't even matter what movie. I can't concentrate anyway. But it actually, surprisingly, felt really nice to lay there. I think I get the bath thing.
I'm not great at what you need to do in the bath, which is just stay in one spot and "unwind". But I think I will practice. I think the thing I liked the most about the bath was that there is nothing else you are supposed to be doing. If I decide to "go to bed early" and watch a movie or something, I end up folding laundry in bed or getting up through the whole thing and doing all the things that pop into my head. You don't do that when you are in the bath. It's too much work to get in and out. A bath forces you to stop. A bath is great for mandatory me time. Cher time, if you will. I think I will spend a lot more time in the bath. I will practice until I am such a bath pro that the bath is going to cringe when I walk in the room. I'm going to bath until I can't bath anymore. And then, just when I'm done having a bath, I'm going to hop back in and bathe some more. That's right folks, I am putting the "bath" back in "bathroom".

So, lets talk about the ways people cope with stress. Lets talk technique. What do you do to cope with stress? Any kind of stress. Physical, mental, emotional... what are your coping skills?

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