Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ok, can you say eeeeeeew?

I'm not a bug lover. They give me the willies. At night on my porch, I keep having run-ins with earwigs. It's disgusting. Especially when you crush them and they crunch. Our house is just over a year old and I don't know why they are on my porch (my friend Joey told me they like dark, moist places. Well, when I am on my porch I can only think of one moist, dark place and I guarentee there are no earwigs there). Not like hundreds of them or anything, but enough of them for me to be extremely preoccupied with the possibility of one trying to work it's creepy way into my ear canal. So I googled it. And now I'm a little less scared. But I'm sure I'll still be in the killing mood next time I see one.

Click here to get a little less scared yourself through the power of education.