Monday, July 23, 2007

The boys are getting big hey?
This picture isn't entirely new either.
Everett started walking on the 18th!!! Sweet hey? I was beginning to think my hip would be out of place forever. Turns out, it'll just be my mind.

This is my porch swing. I swing on it a lot. The earwigs seemed to have given me some breathing room. But they are sneaky. I'm on to them.

So, there were some pretty good suggestions on what to blog about. Big Mama, suggested I send some love out to you all, my adoring fans. I say forget it. You're all too needy. Lets talk about me;)

Phats thinks I should blog about him. But I just don't have that kind of time on my hands. Besides, where would I even start?

T.Leach thinks sports. Ya, right.

Mr.Shife thinks I should talk about how fabulous Canadian bacon is. This was actually very tempting, seeing as I too have a soft spot for the smokey pig meat, but I haven't had much of an appetite lately.

Jamwall didn't have a suggestion so much as an entry to the complaint department. Suck it up Princess. It's just pneumonia! Man he's whiny. Blah blah poor lungs.... I have an idea, why not stop freebasing windex and chasing it with liquid plumber? Or even better, stop feeding your frog nude pictures of yourself. It's just plain weird.

Kingcover wants something other than one eye because of the cyclops factor.

I say I'm going to leave it at this and call it a post.

I feel so drained lately. And don't actually feel like I have much to give you.